We Launch.

We're not an investor, an incubator, or an accelerator. We take our own ideas and we launch. That's it.

It's a pretty simple model—we have a bunch of smart, hungry, aggressive Internet veterans that know how to go from concept to market very quickly. So we look for opportunities to make great use of the Web to solve everyday problems that people face.

More than anything we just love building Web companies—so here we are.

No idea who this kid is.


OHSunny Columbus.

1322 Manning Parkway, Powell OH 43065

CARainy Santa Monica.

227 Broadway Ave, Santa Monica CA 90401

Our Team

Serial Entrepreneur
Wil has founded 10 companies in the last 20 years with four exits and the last three being venture funded. His first company, Blue Diesel, merged with ad agency GSW and grew to over $700 million in billings before being sold.

Wil Schroter

Startup Machine
Eric has been on the founding team of three successful startups including Fundable, IdeaBuyer, and Startups.co all of which have focused on getting early stage startups to market quickly and effectively

Eric Corl

Financial Founder
Elliot co-founded Affordit.com and helped lead financing for the company from major investors such as Founders Fund, Bessemer Venture Partners, Mark Suster, and Dave Mcclure. He's currently the COO of Fundable.com.

Elliot Schneier

Social Media Mogul
Derek has created over 30,000 meaningful social media experiences for leading brands: Pepsi, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Disney, Microsoft, NBC, Toyota, etc.  He started his career at Technorati and later co-founded Adly.com and Social Envy.

Derek Rey